TNGS VIRTUAL CAMP: training game intelligence

An elite player knows that training for success must be all-encompassing. Physical and technical skills are no longer enough.  Successful players must train to have the right mindset for the game and make the right tactical decisions. 

Many top players effortlessly visualize the space between the defense line and anticipate exactly where to position themselves as they wait for the pass from their teammate.  With the correct training, you too will be able to read the game like an elite player and make those mental adjustments before even stepping onto the pitch.


The TNGS VIRTUAL CAMP is an online experience created to educate talented players from around the world on game intelligence.  Designed by the TNGs Team of European Club Experienced, UEFA-accredited Spanish Coaches and Psychologists, the program focuses on allowing each athlete to reach their full potential, even in adverse situations.

Using modern technology, the TNGS VIRTUAL CAMP has three main areas all framed in the development of the NG SKILLS and the growth mindset:

1. Leadership and personal branding

2. Tactical aspects of the game and decision making

3. Teamwork

What sets our Academy different is our focus on what we call NG Skills.

Some of these important life skills include:

1. Leadership: being a leader on and off the field

2. Growth Mindset: maintaining the proper mindset for growth

3. Passion: fueling passion for the game and life

4. Rewiring Pressure: dealing with pressure in a positive

This unique program is a work methodology that you can now learn from the comfort of your home.

TNGS has been coaching players from around the world on the NG Skills for more than 10 years. Some of the NG Skills covered include: being a leader on and off the field, maintaining a growth mindset, demonstrating a passion for the game, and dealing with pressure in a positive way.  This unique program is a work methodology that you can now learn from the comfort of your home.

Players from the Caribbean, the Falklands, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia have already made the investment to level up using the NG Skills. Become one more of them!



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