Live the TNGS experience in your country

The TNGS experience is a unique opportunity that can be lived anywhere in the world. Our method was created by successful coaches and players who have worked with front-line teams and can be adapted and taken anywhere on the planet. This has led us to work alongside the best soccer clubs, academies, and federations.


Our ability to adapt to the needs of the clients has led us to live successful experiences in places such as Saudi Arabia, the United States, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Colombia, among others.


The experience lasts between three and seven days, dedicated to teaching players and coaches everything about Spanish soccer methodology and the one developed by TNGS. The objective is to improve the skills of each player, under the guidance of excellent professionals, who has worked at the highest levels of professional football.


Also, our system ensures that personal skills are adapted and strengthened in teamwork, added to the work on the psychological aspect, so that players can perform 100% even in pressure situations.


A learning experience, with the best in Europe, under a unique methodology that aims at teamwork and psychological development as high-performance players make the NG Camps an unmissable experience. Go ahead and contact us to bring the TNGS experience to your country!

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