From Saudi Arabia to Spain


The @tngs_sports academy welcomes a great athlete from Saudi Arabia, Saleh Alktheiri.

The TNGS experience is a unique opportunity that can be experienced anywhere in the world. Our method, created by renowned coaches and players , easily adapts to different cultures and can be  taken to anywhere in the world. Our performance has led us to work with prestigious soccer clubs, academies and federations.

An NG Player is more than giving 100% on the field. To be an NG Player is to understand that to be a good player you must take into account the physical, technical, tactical and psychosocial aspects of the game.

An NG Player is trained with the most innovative techniques, based on game situations, so that they can develop their skills on the field. The creativity of the players is also worked on so that they can have quick and successful responses under pressure, making the best decisions during the games.

An NG Player is a complete player destined for success – be an NG Player like Saleh!

Get in touch with us to bring the TNGS experience to your country!


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