Be an NG Player and achieve your success

Be an NG Player and achieve your success

Being an NG Player is more than giving 100% in the field. Be an NG Player is to understand that a good player must take into account the physical, technical, tactical and psychosocial aspects of the game.


An NG Player is trained with the most innovative techniques, applied in-game situations so that they can develop their skills on the field. Players’ creativity is worked so that they can have quick and successful responses under pressure, making the best decisions during games.


The talent of the NG Player is developed under a unique methodology, highlighting creativity and intelligence in the game and being these main objectives.


The NG Players train with a unique methodology that makes them a world reference, having the tools to later be selected by the best teams.


The methodology used was created by players and trainers with experience in Spain, who adapt the program to each player, according to their needs and abilities, in high-performance training for the development of individual and team talent.


Coaches study the level of the players, including their general skills, analyzing the aspects that need improvement and establishing a plan to perfect their tactical, technical, physical and psychosocial competencies.


An NG Player is destined for success. Be an NG Player!