Our base is in Valencia. Our field, the world

The Next Generation Sports (TNGS) is an international soccer academy specialized in high-performance sports.

We aim to develop young athletes to reach their maximum potential and beyond. With over 13 years of experience, we provide the tools for players to succeed in their discipline and other parts of their lives.

Common challenges. Tailor-made solutions

At TNGS international soccer academy, we understand that each of our students learns in different ways and timeframes. We, therefore, created customized plans to advance their physical and academic performances. And all our staff is highly qualified, experienced and has the right mindset to support players’ development.

Success mindset

Nothing is more important for us than to see our NG players evolve and succeed. At TNGS we emphasize educating athletes with the values required to overcome future challenges and achieve their goals. Our core values are leadership, team bonding, cooperation, empathy, public speaking, focus, and social responsibility.

The right tools for striving

Athletes have access to the best resources of state-of-the-art facilities, modern strategies, and the latest technology so that our NG players have all they need to develop into the next generation of leaders. And we’ve established a strong partnership with institutions like the Policlinic University of Valencia, Valencia FC, Levante UD, and many more..

A bridge within cultures

We welcome players from all over the world, and we actively promote integration within cultures through sport. So, if you cannot come to us, we have created programs that involve us coming to you. We have built connections and visited places like Jamaica, Bermuda Islands, Costa Rica, Sweden, South Korea, the United States, Japan, and many more.


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