A young talent from Jamaica came to Spain to train at TNGS, one of the most famous elite training academies in Europe.

Tai Hyatt, a promising soccer talent, travelled all the way from Jamaica to train at the elite football academy, TNGS , located in Valencia,Spain.

Tai receives elite training at the TNGS high performance academy, located in Valencia. Tai will learn all the ins and outs of Spanish soccer, the skills necessary to read, understand and anticipate the game; make decisions under pressure; generate leadership and team management qualities; as well as other important skills for sports anwilld professional scholarships such as creating his own personal brand. You will be mentall the in a and  ored by coaches with experience in Spanish first division teams who will provide you with the necessary support to start your sports career at a professional level.

Training  at this high performance academy, Tai wiil learn the ins and outs of Spanish soccer, the skills necessary to read, understand and anticipate the game, make decisions under pressure, generate leadership and team management qualities. The player will be closely monitored by coaches with experience with Spanish first division teams. He will always be supported by the coaches who will wisely guide him on the best way to start a professional career in football.

TNGS’s long history of training young talent and its in-depth knowledge of European soccer is fundamental to guarantee the success of Tai and any other player who enrolls in its camps.

TNGS is a sports consulting company in Valencia, Spain specialized in sports training and development of high performance athletes, creating bridges between different countries thanks to soccer. Behind TNGS there is a team that makes it possible for players to enjoy the sport and become the elite athletes they have always imagined themselves to be. Through an integrated education program, players are mentored not only to achieve their best on the field, but also to pursue opportunities in higher education and the professional arena.

During their time at TNGS,  players complete a program that focuses on technical skills and NG Skills, which were created by TNGS founder Dr. Ivan Salazar, a professor of Sports Psychology at one of Spain’s leading universities. This patented skills program is based on the psychological concept of growth mindset where skills such as leadership and conflict resolution are developed, guiding young talents to become the brain leaders of the future on and off the field.

TNGS has been developing programs for the past 10 years,  created by UEFA coaches and experts with experience in different European clubs, its training helps young players develop game intelligence and personal and interpersonal skills to face challenges.

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